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Tszyu camp moves north to avoid possible border closure


Tim Tszyu’s camp has made the smart and strategic move to head north from Sydney, New South Wales to the Gold Coast, Queensland, to complete preparations for his bout with former WBO Welterweight champ Jeff Horn.  This move was a direct result of the second wave of covid-19 outbreaks, that have occurred in Victoria and now in New South Wales. With the other states, South and Western Australia along with the Northern Territory, once again closing their borders, Tszyu’s manager Glenn Jennings told Mainevent in a Facebook media release, that it would be the best move to avoid any further disruption to the already postponed bout.

Queensland is yet to record any second wave cases of the virus, but with many people from the New South Wales trying to jump the border into Queensland, it’s only a matter of time before Queensland Premier, Anastasia Palaszczuk, shuts the borders again to the Sunshine State to avoid any second outbreak.

The Tszyu camp will play out the remainder of their preparations for the fight, at the Sanctum Forge Gym in Burleigh Heads. Gym owner, Paul Briggs (a former WBC Light-Heavyweight and IBO Cruiserweight World Title contender, now retired) explained that he was very happy to have an elite athlete like Tim in his gym and was happy to change his schedule to accommodate Tim as others did the same for him in his career.

Jeff Horn also commented in the same  Facebook release  that it would be a good opportunity for Tszyu to acclimatise to the Queensland whether. Being that Townsville, where the bout with be held on August 26th, is around 1600 kilometres to the north of the Gold Coast, I can tell you from experience living in both cities (Townsville and the Gold Coast) that the whether is vastly different even in the winter, it’s a good ten degrees (Celsius) hotter in Townsville.  For a climatic advantage, I personally would be moving to Townsville.

In other news relating to the Horn v Tszyu fight, there is an ongoing debate about you will come out second during the entrances for the both, with both camps believing it’s sh be them.

Being that, Tim Tszyu’s IBF Australiasian and WBO Global Super-Welterweight Titles are on the line, the Tszyu camp is firm it should be them. While Jeff Horn being the former champion and the more recognised of the two fighters believes its should be him and that “it’s a matter of respect” as it’s a Horn v Tszyu fight not a Tszyu v Horn fight. Adding to this the Queensland v New South Wales, State of Origin theme for the fight rules could also be a factor. Being that the fight is held on Queensland and Jeff being the Queenslander and host State, the visiting State, in this case Tszyu from New South Wales, the hosts come out last.

But in my opinion, just flip a coin boys and get over it.

Finally to the price of the fight. Mainevent will charge a fee of $59.99 (Aus)for the fight on ppv. In my opinion considering the covid-19 crisis and unemployment in Australia being at a 22 year high, almost 8%, and that fact that this is not even a World Title fight or even or World Title eliminator, I think that Mainevent maybe pricing themselves out of a huge ppv buys income, Horn v Pacquaio was only $39.99.

Of course this is only my opinion, but if a hardcore fan/semi-jurno thinks it’s a bit rich, what is the casual fan going to think. Tickets to see the fight live start at $29.95, but good luck getting to Townsville if your not in Queensland to watch the fight.

The fight will take place on August 26th at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium, in Townsville, Queensland. Mainevent broadcasts from 7pm AEST.

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Written by Jason Fletcher

Recently retired Australian Soldier that has always had a passion for sports, particularly Rugby League, Boxing and MMA. Former Semi-pro League, player and amateur boxer that wants to share the passion for Aussie Boxing