Claressa Shields takes home both the WBC and IBF World female super middle weight titles

In front of an anticipating Detroit audience in the MGM grand, Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields made her intentions clear from the first round, with the referee having to call halt to the fight in round 5, as Nikki Adler had no response to Shields energy, pace and power.

Shields started the fight full of intent as she wobbled Adler with their first exchange. This set the tone for the remainder of the fight with Adler afraid to take her head from behind her gloves through fear of being caught by the highly accurate Shields. On paper this looked a fairly even spectacle if anything Adler looked to be the favourite with her undefeated record as a professional winning 16 bouts with 9 knockouts, but in the ring Shields ripped up the script and took this fight to Adler, you would think that Shields was the defending world champion with how confident she looks in the ring.

By the second round Adler knows she cannot have repeat of the first round and wen the bell rings she launches her attack on Shields. Shields takes the shot well and responds with a lightening 5 punch combo to stop Adler gaining any momentum. Adler spends the rest of the fight hiding behind her gloves unable to gain any momentum as Shields quickly prevents any attack. By the end of round 2 Adler knows she cannot win against the speed and accuracy of Shields. Adler became very stationary and Shields uses her as a punch bag for the next three rounds with Adler very rarely throwing any meaningful shots back.

By round 5 the referee has seen enough and called a halt to the proceedings with the fight being all one way traffic from the start with Shields looking very dominant. After only four professional fights shields has become a World champion and I believe if she can keep this level of focus and hunger there is no reason she can’t dominate the division, her speed, movement, balance, power, and accuracy were unbelievable and she was on a different level altogether from Adler who was made to look out of her depth.

After Shields was announced the winner Christina Hammer appeared in the ring with her belts looking to call out Shields, a tense exchange of words proceeded and hopefully the promoters can get this fight made as this would be a great fight that I am sure we would all love to see.

On a night of Women’s boxing Maria Cecilia beat Carolina Duer by majority decision to win the IBF World female Bantamweight title. Liliana Palmera beat Alys Sanchez by split decision to retain her WBA World female super bantamweight title. Oezlem Sahin defeated Sandy Coget by unanimous decision for the vacant UBO World female minimum weight title and vacant WBF intercontinental female minimum weight title. Cecilia Sofia Mena v Ruth Stephanie Aquino for the vacant WBA World female lightweight title has been rescheduled to September 9th.