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Josh ‘Pretty Boy’ Kelly wins with 1st round TKO in welterweight contest

Josh Kelly bt Tom Whitfield (TKO 1st round)
8 x 3 mins Welterweight Contest

Sunderland’s golden boy Josh Kelly came into this contest looking to make a statement and he did just that, with a sell-out crowd of just under three thousand packed into arena and thousands more watching at home Kelly 3(2)-0-0 put Tom Whitfield down and out in the first round.

Coming out of the corners Whitfield didn’t really look confident, maybe his nerves had got to him, but he didn’t look like he wanted to be there. In contrast the former team GB Olympian Kelly came out with hunger in eyes and venom in his punches. Both fighters looking to size each other up, Kelly’s head was moving constantly never allowing Whitfield to find his range.

After watching Ryan Burnett’s IBF world bantamweight title win in Belfast two weeks ago, you can see they have the same trainer in the highly successful Adam Booth. Both Burnett and Kelly would throw out a right hand to break the opponent’s eye contact while simultaneously using their foot work to get them in position to launch a left hook. Kelly used this to divesting effect. With left hooks coming at great speed, Whitfield could not get out of the way and got hit with five or six in quick succession, putting him down.

Booth knows an exceptional talent when he sees one having trained former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion David Haye, former world champion Andy Lee, as well as current middleweight world champions Billy Joe Saunders & George Groves and current Bantamweight world champion Ryan Burnett. Booth once said of Kelly: “I have one expectation of him and that’s to be world champion.” “And not just any world champion either, but a good one.” After this fight you can see why Booth believes in Kelly so much.


Fowler stops Gvajava in fourth

Anthony Fowler TKO’s Nikoloz Gvajava in 4th round of super-welterweight contest

Anthony Fowler bt Nikoloz Gvajava (TKO 4th round)
6 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight Contest

Team GB Rio Olympian Anthony Fowler starts the first round finding his target willingly as he controlled the centre of the ring. Fowler in the black and gold shorts caught Gvajava with some good left jabs straight down the middle. Fowler looked solid and focused as he put together a good combo to the body of Gvajava, but Fowler then gets caught with a good right jab. Fowler looked comfortable in the first round winning it comfortably with both fighters using the round find their range

Fowler from Liverpool starts round two a bit over zealous as he immediately gets sucked into a brawl with Gvajava. Fowler who can be a bit uncontrollable at times is told by the referee to keep his shots above the waist. Gvajava responds catching Fowler with a good left jab. Fowler goes to the canvas but the referee calls off the count as he sees this as a slip rather than a knock down.  For the rest of the round Fowler dictated the pace controlling the centre of the ring.

Round three sees Gvajava make a stand and contests the centre of the ring forcing Fowler to box on the outside. With Gvajava opening up more to hold the centre of the ring Fowler is throwing a lot of three punch combos with mixed success until one of the combos seriously hurts the body of Gvajava sending him down. Gvajava then takes his time getting up only to be put down straight away again with another three punch combo to the body. Gvajava just manages to make it to the end of the round.

Round four starts and Fowler smells victory as he stalks Gvajava waiting for him to open up and expose his body. Fowler quickly sees his opening and lands another big body shot putting Gvajava down again with the ref now calling and end to the contest.


Jonas impresses on pro debut

Natasha Jonas TKO’s Monika Antonik in the 1st round of their super-featherweight contest

Natasha Jonas bt Monika Antonik  (TKO 1st round)
4 x 2 mins Super-Featherweight Contest

Natasha Jonas made history as the first female boxer in the London 2012 Olympics. After taking a two year break from the sport she is back with a 1st round TKO win in her professional debut. Jones who is trained by Joe Gallagher started the fight full of confidence as she dominated from the centre of the ring, her south paw style was causing Antonik all sorts of problems who did not know how to respond. After Jonas caught Antonik with a number of big right hands the ref called a halt to the bout. After the fight Jonas said “I would like to fight Katie Taylor, but that’s a bit further down the line.”

Jordan King bt Adam Jones (Points)
4 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight Contest

Warren Baister bt Blaise Mendouo (TKO 2nd round)
6 x 3 mins Cruiserweight Contest

Stuart Hall bt Jose Aguilar (Points)
6 x 3 mins Bantamweight Contest

Simon Vallily bt Imantas Davidaitis (Points)
6 x 3 mins Cruiserweight Contest

Jamie Humble bt Alec Bazza (Points)
6 x 3 mins Featherweight Contest

Darren Reay bt Fonz Alexander (Points)
4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight Contest

Kyle Redfearn bt Martin Orsuliak (KO 1st round)
6 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight Contest

Kris Pilkington Draw Michael Mooney (Points)
4 x 3 mins Lightweight Contest