On a night of controversy Joseph Parker 24(18)-0-0 defeated Hughie Fury 20(10)-1-0 by majority decision much to the anger of Fury’s corner. It was not so much the result that threw them into a fit of rage but the score cards, 118-110, 118-110 and 114-114. Tyson Fury, Hughie Fury’s cousin could be seen giving Robert Smith of the British Boxing Board of Control an earful.

It’s fair to say more action happened after the bout than during it. The night basically consisted of Parker chasing Fury round the ring all night. Hughie hid behind his jab on the back foot and for the opening rounds it seemed to work for him leading Parker to miss a lot more shots than he should have. But towards the middle rounds Hughie’s movement slowed allowing Parker to catch him a bit more often.

This was basically the fight in a nut shell with Fury trying to keep Parker at range and Parker chasing him down trying to get closer. This cat and mouse style led to a somewhat boring fight. Although Fury didn’t do a lot wrong his defensive stance could be seen by judges as negative. Although at times he was matching Parker blow for blow, he was reluctant to fight on the front foot, which could have led to the score cards being so wide, but the fight was a close fight as a clash of styles made the fight that bit harder to call and one can argue the point as to how one Judge scored it 114-114.

None the less Fury’s camp was less than amused and promoter Mick Hennessey said “that was probably one of, if not the worst, decision I’ve ever seen in my life, it was disgusting, absolutely disgusting.”

Overall no one can argue Parker deserved the win as he landed the more effective shots, with Fury on the received end every time he tried something other than a jab. Fury’s awkward stance made this an awkward fight with Parker unable to truly penetrate Fury’s defence, but Fury was not really doing anything in way of attack to trouble Parker either. Although a clash of heads did split Fury’s head open, it did not pose him any danger.