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Fight View 360: Susie Q Ramadan – What’s next Australia’s Women’s Boxing Queen

This week I’ve had the absolute privilege to discover the amazing and pioneering career of Susie “Susie Q” Ramadan(27-3 12 KOs). I’ll admit before this week I never even heard of Susie until I searched the schedule on boxrec.com, discovering her IBA Super-Flyweight World Title fight this Saturday in Melbourne, Victoria.

I wrote an article about the fight and a background into her career. To my surprise Susie uploaded that article to Facebook, which lead to a Facebook interaction and this article.I had the opportunity to email Susie some questions about, her career, influences, legacy and upcoming fight.
Thanks so much to Susie and her team for giving me the opportunity to obtain an interview with her.

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Here are the questions I asked the multiple time and division Women’s World Champion.

Q1. How are you feeling about the upcoming fight?

A1. Excited, I have been working extremely hard for many years to get another shot at a World title in my 3rd weight division. Before fighting Marianna Juarez in Mexico I was the number 1 contender/mandatory for the IBF superfly weight division but unfortunately my team at the time couldn’t secure the fight so I had the opportunity to fight Juarez for the WBC bantamweight title but fell short so this fight not only will bring me back on top but winning a world title in my 3rd weight division will put me along side our Australia’s greats

Q2. What’s your most significant win of your career?

A2. Definitely the IBF World title as it was my 1st major world title and of course the WBC against a highly suspicious transgender woman

Q3. What’s your most disappointing loss?

A3. First loss is always disappointing and it was hard because I believe i won the fight but didn’t get the decision, but losing the 2nd time round against the same opponent was more disappointing because it was my chance for redemption but didn’t succeed

Q4. What’s a typical day in your life, without training?

A4. Typical day is with family and close friends, I’m a very active person so i enjoy lots of things. I am a personal trainer and life coach as i enjoy helping people reach their goals

Q5. What did you think of my article and how did you find it?

A5. I was very pleased with the article and found it to be accurate, inspirational with lots of information about my career in boxing and very grateful for it

Q6. Who do you think is Australia’s best ever boxer?

A.6 That’s a hard one as I have a few but I think Lionel Rose and John Famechon, I also think Barry Michael is one of our toughest

Q7. How you feel about Australian Women’s boxing and how can it approve in exposure?

A7. Women’s boxing is growing, I was fortunate to get media attention due to paving the way for women’s boxing here in Australia but think it still lacks in exposure. More people getting behind women’s boxing like yourself, other media outlets and of course people working in the boxing industry treating all boxers equally

Q8. What’s your opinion of Tayla Harris and your opinion of footy players turned boxers?

A8. I was once a soccer player turned boxer (women’s soccer wasn’t as big as what it is now or as footy) but I made a great transition and did extremely well. If there main goal is to be a boxer that’s great, they do have the sporty mentality behind them along with Tayla she is the sporty type of girl who’s into sports and enjoys competing. If their genuine about the sport there shouldn’t be a problem. It is a cruel hard sport so it should be taken seriously, I’m not a fan of some of the match ups just for a quick dollar but the match makers/promoters say it brings more exposure to the boxing world. I just feel that every boxer should be treated equally no matter what background, colour, race, sex etc

Q9. What’s your favourite food, book and movie.

A.9 My favourite book right now is The 7 habits of highly effective people, movie is Unbroken and Adrift. I love pancakes

Q10. Who is your Mount Rushmore of Australian boxers and trainers ???

A10. Barry Michael is the man he has made so much of an impact on my career he believed in me since my 2nd amateur fight and has done well in my career, he was a great fighter always teaching us his powerful left rip as still likes to get in there with us at sparring (lol). My trainer Steve Stenborg has also made a big impact on my career and personal development, a very positive man who has tremendous understanding of challenges and the will to overcome them that teaches people how to do the same as i think that’s very important in boxing and his passion in getting his fighters in good form. I also had the pleasure to train with Robbie Peden he was a great boxer and trainer who is another fighter that does not get the recognition he deserves. Many greats Kostya Tszyu, Fenech, Rose, Famechon, Harding, Mundine, Darchinyan, Lester Ellis, Geale, Darcy, Bika, Sharon Anyos, Johnny Lewis and many more

Q11. How long will you fight and what legacy do you want to leave Australian boxing.

A11. My goal was always about leaving a legacy for Australian boxing, i want the world to remember their was once a little girl born and raised in Melbourne Australia having a very tough upbringing who was able to smash through all barriers and challenges to then become Australia’s best female boxer smashing the history book to paving the way for our female Australian boxers.

Q12. Also since I’m not coming to the fight unfortunately,, is there a link to the fight or is it being show on Fox Sports???

A12. yes It will be on Fox sports and live streaming
https://www.fite.tv/watch/prince-promotions-no-mercy-iii/2p5dr/ or https://www.epicentre.tv/

Thanks again to Susie and her team for the interview and I’ll bring you an article after the fight on Saturday.

Go Susie!!!

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Written by Jason Fletcher

Recently retired Australian Soldier that has always had a passion for sports, particularly Rugby League, Boxing and MMA. Former Semi-pro League, player and amateur boxer that wants to share the passion for Aussie Boxing