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Lucas Matthysse wins WBA “World” title stopping Thai fighter Tewa Kiram.

Jorge ‘Golden boy’ Linares 44(27)-3(3)-0 of Venezuela retains his WBA lightweight title with a unanimous decision over Mercito ‘No Mercy’ Gesta  31(17)-1-3 of the Philippines.
Linares looked comfortable throughout the fight with the judges’ score cards 117-111, 118-110 and 118-110 in favour of Linares supporting this belief. Gesta had a game plan that seemed to be working in the early stages of the fight, winning two rounds but Linares took the fight up a few gears and to a level were his class shown through with Gesta unable to match him he was at Linares mercy.

Going into this fight Roach was confident his south paw fighter could cause an upset and hinted at his plan “If you frustrate him, he falls apart. If things don’t go his way, he can be a little bit of a baby. At this point in his career, I think we have a very good shot to win that fight.” But after seeming his man took apart by Fighter who still has a lot of fight left in him Roach changed his opinion and said “He can beat any of those guys on a good night. He’s a very, very good boxer. I would say it’s about dead even. He’s a very, very good boxer and he always has been. From the first day he came in my gym to box Manny Pacquiao until now. He’s a very good technician, he has really good footwork and he puts his combinations together well. He’s a very clever fighter.” He has fairly changed his tune, but I think he is getting a bit carried away with those kinds of statements.

There is no doubting Linares deserved the victory, even after cutting his eye in the eighth he continued on unleashing four and five punch combos. Gesta tried hard but ultimately was beat by the better boxer.

Since the fight De La Hoya has said “We’re ready, we are ready. Lomachenko vs. Linares is the fight to make, so we must make it. For 2018, our goal is to always make the best fights and that’s actually one of them – out of many, so Bob Arum – give me call,”

On the under card Argentina’s thirty five year old Lucas Martin Matthysse 39(36)-4(1)-0 knocked out twenty five year old Thailand fighter Tewa Kiram 38(28)-1(1)-0, for the vacant WBA World Welterweight Title. The fight was largely unentertaining until the eighth round when Matthysse lands a left jab that sends Kiram down but on the way lands with a big right. Kiram manages to get back up, but later in the same round Matthysse’s leading left jab, lands square to the jaw of Kiram, who is floored and doesn’t even try to get back to his feet.