Horn critical of Zerafa’s pursuit of Mundine bout.

Former WBO Welterweight champ Jeff Horn, has been stunned and critical of former opponent Micheal Zerafa, after rumours and social media posts have surfaced that Mundine and Zerafa have called each other out.

In an interview with Foxsports, Horn said that Zerafa had called him out for fighting has beens, yet it seems that Zerafa is doing the same thing, on a somewhat hypocritical move.

“It’s a little bit ridiculous that they might be having a fight. Zerafa called me out so many times about fighting has-beens and things like that,”  Horn said.

Leading up to his epic 2017 bout with Manny Pacquaio, Horn had a couple bouts with well past thier prime fighters and then one after.

In 2016 Horn fought former WBO Super-Lightweight champ Randall Bailey who was 42 at the time of the bout and later in the year, Horn fought former IBO Welterweight champ Ali Funeka who was 38. Horn was 28 at the time of both fights.

If Mundine and Zerafa trade gloves, pending on the time (if after Mundine’s birthday in May) Mundine will be 45 while Zerafa will be 28.

“Then the first chance he’s got is with Mundine, trying to make a fight with him. Go figure.”

In relation to more pressing matters for Horn, Horn has expressed that he has no interest in a third match with Zerafa.

“I can’t really think of anything … I’ve got no interest in fighting Zerafa again,” Horn said.

“I had to rematch him, actually train properly for the second one and get that win on the board.

“It would be a struggle for me to listen to him for another few weeks.”

Turning his attention to the pending bout at hand with second generation star, Tim Tszyu. Horn indicated that he would fight Tszyu over twelve rounds, but it would hit Tszyu in his back pocket.

“He can pay me more to do 12 if he wants,” Horn told reporters in Sydney. “We can do the 70-30 split.

Concerning the rematch clause with Tszyu, Horn said that it’s of no consequence to him.

“If they don’t want to do a rematch, I’m happy not doing a rematch.”

Another interesting yet confusing week in Australian boxing.

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