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History was made as for the first time as the female lightweight division was unified but under suspicious circumstances

History was made as for the first time as the female lightweight division was unified but under suspicious circumstances.

The weekend saw its fair share of shocks and controversies but seeing Ireland’s Katie Taylor(14-0 6KOS) take on Belgium’s Delfine Persoon(43-2 18kos) and taking home the WBC, WBA, IBO, & WBO 135lb Women’s lightweight belts did not sit right with me and a fair number of others.

Round-By-Round THOUGHTS:

  • The first round seen Taylor use her fast footwork to get in close to Persoon and unleash some very fast combo’s. Persoon was a lot slower than Taylor but did use her left jab to warn Taylor of the power she can unleash, at times sending Taylor onto the back foot. First round Taylor.
  • The second round seen Taylor continue where she had left off in the first round using her fast feet to get into good positions to unleash more combos, only this time Persoon was setting traps and countering with big right hands that forced Taylor to retreat hard. The round finished with Persoon almost landing at will and able to land head shots through the gloves of Taylor. Second round Persoon. Round three I can only describe as scrappy at best with a lot of holding, although it was very close I would say Taylor edged it showing glimpses of her hand speed. Round three Taylor.
  • Round four sees Taylor’s forehead split open as well as a marked up nose, this was due to a clash of heads, but is an example of Persoon fighting dirty, although Persoon did not come out unscathed as her left eye began to swell up. Again this round looked scrappy, but Persoon did enough to edge it. Round four Persoon. Round five and Taylor sat back on the ropes inviting Persoon in to expel a lot of energy which Taylor seems to take in her stride and throw a few warning shots back, but Persoon lands a nice right hand that caught Taylor of guard, but Taylor recovered well. Round five Persoon.

  • Round six and Taylor goes back to her routes, hit and run, leaving Persoon to swing wildly at shadows. A much better round from Taylor. Round six Taylor. Round seven and both these fighters largely cancelled each other out, Taylor with two separate combos edged her the round with Persoon landing two solid right hands in quick succession to the head of Taylor. Taylor round seven.
  • Round eight and it was a big round for Persoon who hunted Taylor down and bossed the ring. Taylor was getting caught far too easily with some big shots. Taylors fast feet deserted her in that round. Persoon round eight. Round nine and Taylor stands in the middle of the ring and trades blows and comes out on top briefly forcing Persoon to retreat. Persoon then comes forward forcing Taylor to trip and hit the canvas. After the trip Taylor continues to trade and comes out on top again although Persoon was in her face the whole round not giving her a second to catch her breath. Taylor round nine.
  • The tenth and final round goes hands down to Persoon who totally bullied Taylor in that round. Taylor was struggling with Persoon landing at will. Persoon round ten.

I had the fight a draw, the 2 minute rounds seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. This was a huge advert for female boxing with the roaring crowd giving both fighters a standing ovation at the final bell. The Judges ruled the fight 95-95, 96-94, 96-94 in favor of Taylor, at this point Persoon waved her finger in disbelief she had lost, and I believe she had a point.

In my view Persoon definitely deserves a rematch, even Taylor’s manager Eddie Hearn believed the fight was a draw, Carl Frampton came out and called the judges’ score cards a disgrace.

To conclude I think this was a very good fight which deserved to be the main event, but some suspect scoring will over shadow a great fight. I can see the arguments the judges could have for Taylor winning as she landed more power punches, but Persoon could argue she landed more punches overall and was more aggressive than Taylor. Either way this was Taylor’s hardest fight to date and she was made to work hard for her win, but a win is what the Judges awarded her, along with her belts she now has her name in the history books.

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