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In the co-main event, Vergil Ortiz Jr. (13-0, 13 KOs) of Dallas, Texas overpowered  Mauricio Herrera (24-9, 7 KOs) of Riverside, Calif. to win by knockout in the third round

In the co-main event, Vergil Ortiz Jr. (13-0, 13 KOs) of Dallas, Texas overpowered  Mauricio Herrera (24-9, 7 KOs) of Riverside, Calif. to win by knockout in the third round of a welterweight fight originally scheduled for 10 rounds. The fight was brutally ended by several hard shots at :29 seconds of the aforementioned round.


“You know, I’m actually pretty proud of this fight,” said Vergil Ortiz Jr. “If you know me and kept up with my fights, I’m usually not satisfied with my performance. I just want to tell you all and I hope you are too, I am very satisfied with my performance tonight.”

“Everyone thinks that I don’t have all that experience just because I’m 12-0…well I’m 13-0 now. People don’t realize I work in the gym hard every day. I spar world champions all the time. I’m not the one that goes to the world champions and says, ‘hey, can we spar?’ They come up to me. And that’s the difference between me and the other prospects.”


“He was keeping his left hand down the whole time and I knew I was fast enough to capitalize on that. Other than that, I had the fight figured out after the first round.”


“I want to go back to 140 and get that world title. There’s plenty of champions that I believe I can take on right now and I hope after this performance, everyone believes in that.”


“If they tell me, hey Vergil, fight in a world title fight in two weeks, I’ll take it right now.”

Joseph Diaz Jr. (29-1, 15 KOs) of South El Monte, Calif. defeated Freddy Fonseca (26-3-1, 17 KOs) of  Managua, Nicaragua to become the WBA Gold Super Featherweight Champion in a one-sided, 12-round fight. Diaz Jr. won via technical knockout at 2:07 of the seventh round.


“I felt really good at 130,” said Joseph Diaz Jr. “This is my second fight at this weight and I felt very comfortable. Like I said, 126 was just way too hard for me. I wasn’t able to showcase the power I actually have. Now I’m able to showcase my skills, my defense, my head movement, everything. I feel like I have it all at 130. Tevin where you at?”


“I just feel a lot stronger. I’m able to make more changes and take more risks because I’m not worried in my head that I’m going to get tired or that my body’s going to get fatigued in the later rounds. At 130, I’m feeling strong, like a beast, and I’m going to become a champion, I promise you guys.”

“I was dealing with depression and I was almost at the end of the road, I was at rock bottom last year. I was going through a lot, a lot of people don’t realize this. I was really going through some tough, tough times. I want to thank my mom, my sisters, my family, God almighty, for not doing anything stupid. Anyone suffering from depression, trust me, everything is going to be okay.”


“I’m ready for a world title my next fight. I wanted Tevin Farmer on this card. Then he started to talk all this smack on Tuesday and that he pressed something. He didn’t press anything. Let’s get it Tevin, let’s get this fight.”


Lamont Roach Jr. (19-0-1, 7 KOs) beat Jonathon Oquendo (30-6, 19 KOs) of Vega Alta, Puerto Rico via unanimous decision becoming new WBO International & NABO Super Featherweight Champion in a 10-round battle. Roach Jr. won with scores 97-92, 97-92 and 96-93.


“The fight played out good,” said Lamont Roach Jr. “I think it could have gone better of course. But I’m glad we got this experience, to go up to the championship level. The only guys that beat him became champions and I’m one of them.”

“I knew that I was bleeding because I could feel the trickling, but I’ve been getting hit in the face since I was nine years old. It wasn’t nothing I wasn’t used to.He hit me with a clean body shot. I just got myself together towards the end of that round and stuck to the game plan and continued boxing. From round 1 to round 10, I was feeling all of the head butts.”


“He’s as tough as they come. He fought former world champions, he beat a former world champ, he brought the fight to me, and if someone else brings the fight to me, I’m ready. I can go ten, I can go twelve.”


Canelo vs. Jacobs was a 12-round fight for the WBC, WBA, Lineal, Ring Magazine and IBF Middleweight World Titles presented by Golden Boy in association with Matchroom Boxing. The event was sponsored by Tecate, “THE OFFICIAL BEER OF BOXING” and Hennessy “Never Stop. Never Settle.” The event took place Saturday, May 4, 2019 and was streamed live on DAZN.


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