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If fans, just fans hold deep debates about not being influenced by crowd noises, commentary, showboating, etc, then boxing judges surely should know this too correct?

By Terel L Vann

Boxing judges should be the ultimate boxing experts. Am I correct? If a fight does not end in a knockout or stoppage then they have the final say and control of a boxers career, earnings, and mental state believe it or not. This is a job that should be taken seriously, respected, and performed at the utmost due diligence.

Boxers have lost their lives, took their lives, resorted to drugs and alcohol via depression among other horrible life reactions to bad judging decisions. One bad decision can mentally destroy a boxer and maybe worse.

They(boxing judges) should NOT need noise canceling earphones like the WBC(World Boxing Council) proposed within the last few years. They should know NOT to be influenced by crowd noises. They should be able to accurately identify clean shots.

If fans, just fans hold deep debates about not being influenced by crowd noises, commentary, showboating, etc, then boxing judges surely should know this too correct?

However, these factors among others are constant seemingly consistent excuses that are given for why we get outrageous scorecards that the majority of the public disagree.

Here’s how close the boxing judges are to the action. Particularly Adalaide Byrd.

We have heard too many commentators, managers, promoters, and others in the business on various networks and interviews make excuses for bad judging by mentioning potential judging distractions. How are judges trained?

Also there seems to be no official reprimand that we know of for bad judging, and if so we do not see it enforced regularly.

It is very frustrating to hear that judges may have been influenced by crowd noise, sweat flying from a boxer after a hard punch, fighters showboating or showing movement when nothing else much is being done.

What we’ve learned is that boxing judges all score differently. Some enjoy the sweet science slow paced action. Some may enjoy slugfest and score against fighters with clean punching but low output. Some may score off what is called “ring generalship”. Ring Generalship in short is defined as how effectively a boxer uses the ring while boxing and looking comfortable. Perfect example is Floyd Mayweather.

Was Canelo the Ring General?

Saturday, September 16, 2017 in what is billed as Canelo vs Golovkin “Supremacy” the biggest fight of the year to date for hardcore fans. Ring magazine lineal middleweight 160lb champion 27 year old Saul “Canelo” Alvarez(49-1-2) fought WBC, WBA “Super”, IBF, and IBO 160lb champion 35 year old Gennady “GGG” Golovkin(37-0-1) to what was judged as a split draw.

Here’s how the judges scored the fight:

Here’s the official scorecard:

After carefully surveying THOUSANDS of fan comments across multiple platforms the vast majority feel that Golovkin won a close fight but won nonetheless.

The major issue fans are harping over is the 118-110 card scored by veteran yet controversial boxing judge Adalaide Byrd(Click her name to see her judging record via BoxRec) from Philadelphia. She is also the husband of well known and respected boxing referee Robert Byrd whom recently worked Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor August 26th in the same arena 3 weeks prior.

Unless you have been living under a rock or just one of those rare humans who show no interest in social media and its content then Adalaide Bryd, Canelo, Golden Boy, NSAC(Nevada State Athletic Commission) have been under scrutiny and brutal attack from outraged fans and media members alike. They are SCREAMING corruption.

According to Byrd’s scorecard Golovkin only won 2 rounds. Rounds 4 and 7. She even gave the last 5 rounds to Canelo. 10 overall to Canelo.

Whether you feel the fight was for Golovkin, Canelo, or a draw in no way does the majority feel 118-110 for Canelo is justifiable. So how did she score come to 118-110 being so close to the action?

The narrative going into the bout was that Golovkin would have to score a knockout because he was not going to get a decision in Vegas over Canelo.

Even if you go back and look at previous Canelo Vegas fights there was always one judges scorecard that made little to no sense for Canelo.

Here’s some previous Canelo vs. controversial scorecards:

  • 2015 Dave Moretti 119-109 for Canelo against Miguel Cotto in Vegas
  • 2014 Levi Martinez 117-111 for Canelo against Erislandy Lara in Vegas
  • 2013 CJ Ross 114-114 Draw against Floyd Mayweather in Vegas
  • 2013 Stanley Christodoulou 118-109 Canelo against Austin trout in San Antonio

As you can see, there seems to be a pattern for big Canelo fights in Vegas that go the distance. Fans are crying corruption. Fans and even boxing media feel that Canelo is a “protected fighter” in Vegas. This info comes from social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. So we must ask the question. “Is it possible to pay judges off for favorable decisions?”. Teddy Atlas boxing trainer and ESPN Boxing commentator seems to think so. Casual boxing fans think so. Hardcore boxing fans think so. Boxers themselves thinks so.

Now going forward there’s so many questions. 

  1. Golden Boy says there will be a rematch but will it really happen?
  2. How different will the rematch be if Golovkin no longer respects Canelo’s power?
  3. Where would the rematch take place?
  4. What about the judges? Will we get another outrageous scorecard IF it goes the distance?
  5. Where do both fighters go if no rematch?

In closing, the Nevada State Athletic Commission stands by the decision of Adalaide Byrd.